Castello City Hotel: Minimalism at its best and luxurious hospitality in Heraklion


The first day of our arrival at the Castello City Hotel immediately proved that our stay would just be epic!! The hotel is located just a few meters from the town center and has an outstanding view of the Venetian Walls, near the city roundabout called “Gate of the Pantokrator, Chanioporta”. 



The hospitality and politeness of the reception was just perfect.

During our stay we realized that all the personnel was unbelievably kind and focused on their duty to run smoothly all areas of the hotel.



As for the room, everything was extremely neat and minimal with a very positive vibe running through.


All areas of the chamber were very modern and functional. Equipped with a cool modern shower, a very comfortable bed/mattress that you will not be able to abandon, a mini fridge to store snacks or drinks and a super silent air condition.


The breakfast/dinning area at the fifth floor of the building is an outstanding place to discover and try culinary delights from Crete and other cities of Greece.



The breakfast has a lot of different choices and if you decide to have dinner, please do so, as Chef Aggelos Pratsinis will blow you away with his cooking.

We definitely recommend you the Cretan Paella which is a little customized Spanish paella made the Greek way!! Therefore many more plates and secrets are hidden up the Chef’s sleeves. So do not miss it!! (Check Photos)

We would like to give special thanks to Mr. Andreas Fotakis the managing director of the hotel for his amazing hospitality and kindness.

His professionalism and experience will make this hotel grow and expand in every level in the near future. We thank him also for his support in our new project and the little interview he took the time to answer for our blog.

(interview coming soon)

Castello City Hotel:


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