Andros’ marvelous beaches

Thanks to Fast Ferries we had the opportunity to visit the island of Andros. Hotel Perrakis hosted us and made us feel like home.

We had enough time to discover Andros’ beauties and enjoy the Greek hospitality.

We had the chance to explore almost the whole island and visit the most amazing beaches and sightseeing of Andros.

Lets start with the beaches we loved!

  • On the west side of the island you can find amazing sandy bays, well organised and easily accessible. One of them is Agios Petros which is the largest beach of Andros.


Pisolimionas is always a nice choice if you need to rest in a quiet place but you should know that the water is really cold but yet extremely clean.

Chrisi Ammos, or Golden Beach is perfect for all of the “party” lovers! Cool drinks and nice music are waiting for you.

Fellos, isn’t an organized beach, but it has amazing crystal clear waters and lots of trees that you can take advantage of their shade.

Kipri, is a sandy beach located right under Hotel Perrakis next to the main road from the Port of Gavrio. Easily accessible, with parking area.

Batsi village has its own beach full of cafes, restaurants etc. Batsi-Kolona is another small beach at the same area.

Agios Kiprianos, is the ideal choice for the fishing lovers and those interested in scuba diving. Its landmark is the chapel of Agios Kiprianos.

Stivari, is a small rocky shore if you’re not a fan of sandy beaches. Palaiopolis, the pebble beach is ideal for fishing as well as Aneroussa, Agia MarinaChalkolimionas and Plaka.

My favorite beach at the west side of the island is called Apothikes, a stress free zone. Quite hard to access, as a long gravel road leads you to the spot, but trust me it’s worth it! The waters have a magical color, something between green and blue and a nice beach bar with its comfy sun-beds will make you relax even more.

  • On the east side of Andros, the area is exposed to the strong winds. This shouldn’t be a problem considered that there are extremely beautiful sceneries worth to be discovered.


4The famous Tis Grias to Pidima beach (Old lady’s leap) with its landmark, the tower-like rock, offers you a unique experience.

A legend follows this particular place because of the rock that emerges from the sea. According to the myth, an old lady jumped into the water in order to kill herself, having regretted the assistance she offered the Turks in conquering the Castle.




Since then, always according to this andriotic legent, the rock that emerges from the waters symbolizes her plummenting from the mountain to sea.



Strong winds make Korthi the ideal place for wind and kite surfers. Vintzi, is probably the smallest beach of Andros.

Other beaches are: Sineti, Paraporti, Niborio, Vori, Ateni, Vitali, Zorkos and Peza. Although Achla stands out as one of the most beautiful of  the Island.



Last but not least, we visited Piso Gialia, an amazing beach with refreshing waters and positive vibes running through the area.

Don’t forget to taste a fresh homemade ice smoothie at the local “hippie” cantine.





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