5 +1 things worth knowing about Hotel Locarno in Nice, France 

1.     Hello Ms Anna. Thank you for this interview for Dizzy Bird Travels. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and how challenging can be to run Hotel Locarno?

There is nothing interesting about me. I started working in this hotel 12 years ago and it was a very good experience. I like my job, I like meeting new people, our clients.

2.     Tell us a few words about Hotel Locarno’s history. How did this idea begin?

Dear Vasiliki, first of all, thank you for choosing our hotel.


Hotel Locarno was built in 1930 by Dr FERAUD and till the 1956 it was a little pension hotel, who became tourism establishment only in 1956.

It’s a very old and beautiful building with its own history and its regular customers.

3.     Why would you suggest to someone to choose your Hotel as an accommodation choice in Nice? What makes Hotel Locarno unique?

Our hotel is a very good geographic situation: just in 2 minutes walk from the sea and 5 minutes walk from the city center. It’s a really good address if you want to have a good rest and visit our beautiful town. Hotel Locarno is unique by its staff: always on your disposal, smiling and pleasant.


4.     Summer is supposed to be the most profitable season for tourism, for destinations which are located next to the sea . Do you agree with this idea, or you consider the French Riviera and Nice more specifically, as an all time season destination?

For me the FRENCH RIVIERA is an all time season destination. Of course it’s beautiful in the summer: we have the sea, the sun …it’s a paradise, but in autumn it’s calm and very pleasant to have a rest here. We have lots of sunny days. In winter it’s not hot, but not cold either with lots of flowers and our azure color of the water….Of course without forgetting our famous NICE CARNAVAL each February and CITRUS FESTIVAL in Menton….

5.     How do you imagine Hotel Locarno in 5 years from now?

I love this hotel, I wish the best and I hope that this building will be a very popular place in Nice in the future.


6.     Well, I guess it is time for some tourist information! What would you recommend us to do in Nice? Tell us your TOP 5 list.

1. English PROMENADE


3. OLD TOWN with its fruit market every morning (except Monday)

4. Matisse MUSEUM

5. Park of PHOENIX


Thank you so much for your time and your hospitality. All the information you gave us, will be very helpful to those who are willing to visit Nice and Hotel Locarno. From the deepest of our hearts, we wish you the best of luck!

Hotel Locarno: http://www.hotel-locarno.com

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