Dizzy Bird went to Aegina


Some places, may have the power to blow your mind without even expecting it. They can help you forget all your problems, relax and dream. One of those places is Aegina.

Having heard so many different opinions, Alex and I decided to schedule a day trip to Aegina in order to find out if it’s worth visiting this island or not. Let me add though that each place is worth visiting for different reasons.


We arrived at the main port of Aegina willing to have fun and relax by the sea. After renting a scooter and marking some of the most important sightseeing of the island on our map, we were ready to go.

We ended up crossing the whole island, which is small enough to visit the whole area and that’s excactly what makes it a good choice for a few days breakaway. Not only we crossed almost whole of Aegina, but we also visited the tinny uninhabited and protected island of ‘Moni’, which lies a few miles away from Perdika, a village on the south west side of the island.

Here are our suggestions about what to do in Aegina!! 😉

1.Visit ⇒ Temple of Aphaea



This Doric temple is Aegina’s top attraction. Aphaea was a greek goddess and she was worshipped exclusively at this place.

According to a myth, the beautiful Cretan goddess named Vritomartis, fell to the sea trying to escape from king Minos who was in love with her. While swimming she reached Aegina and she was saved by local fishermen. Till then, she was known as Aphaia and whorshipped as a local deity for fertility and earthly cycles. 

Temple of Aphaia is not only the most important archeological site of Aegina, but it is considered as well, as one of the most important archeological sites in the whole Greece.

2.Get lost at Aegina’s Town



Beautiful old mansions dominate Aegina’s town, painted in bright colors.

Such a relaxing scenic place full of different choices about things to see and do.



  • If you’re sunburned like me you’ll make a great match with Marcello’s Tower 😀
  • There are so many things to see, do and taste! One of them of course is the very famous pistachio, known for its unique taste worldwide. Pistachio ice cream, or other local products made by peanuts are unbelievably great. Aegina’s peanut production is one of the most powerfull as you may already know with mass exportation in different countries.

3. Spend some time at Agia Marina’s village


Agia Marina is probably the most touristic village of Aegina. You can find there a beautiful sandy beach as well. Waking up early in the morning will give you the chance of seeing an amazing sunrise over the calm sea. Such a super romantic view!

Also, if you’re planning visiting Aegina in July, you may be lucky enough to attend a local fair for Saint Marina’s name day, which is actually my birthday as well and I was so happy to be there in this tradicional celebration. This fiesta takes place every year on the 17th of July.

4. Visit ⇒ Moni Island


Moni Island, is a tinny uninhabited island opposite of Perdika, a village of Aegina. Only 8 minutes away by boat, Moni is waiting for you to relax by swimming at her crystal clear waters.




This island is full of pine trees and there are so many great spots for an unforgetable pic-nic day. Probably while eating your snack, deers, wild goats and peacocks may join you as well, which are the only ”locals” of Moni.


Well, there are no more things left to say. You should definitely explore Aegina yourself. Below there are just a few photos that may give you a taste of this special destination.

We really had a great time there and we’re pretty confident that you’ll have a great time too!

Till next time,

Kisses xx

Dizzy Bird Travels





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