Monaco: A microstate on the French Riviera

Monaco is probably one of the most luxurious places we’ve even been to. After having spent some days in Nice we ended up driving across the French Riviera on the road to Monaco.

What we knew beforehand was that the Casino of Monte Carlo is one of the most famous Casinos and that Monaco is the most densely – populated state in the world!

Oh, I almost forgot we also knew that we would surely be able to see some really fast supercars there.

What surprised us at the begging was that the image we thought we had before about this microstate, was completely mistaken.

We were expecting, due to its wealth, that Monaco would be a little bit kitsch. What we saw tho, was very far from it. We could describe this place as something extremely elegant and aristocratic.

Beautiful mansions were dominating the streets of the central part of Monte Carlo, while contemporary complexes of apartments were right there, close to the old buildings, representing the new era of the city and its development.

Below you can see what we saw through our photos 🙂

The famous Casino of Monte Carlo

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Till next time…

Kisses xxxx

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