Sintra: The fairytale land


Not far from Portugal’s capital, another extraordinary city is waiting for you to come and get lost through its amazing atmosphere. Sintra is like a fairytale land! No, I am not kidding! I am telling you the truth.

Just take a walk around Sintra’s palaces and you will feel like you’re living in a dream.



Several palaces are built in Sintra. Some of them are more spectacular, others more mysterious. According to your preferences, you can choose what’s best for you and get ready for a new adventure.

IMG_5724We decided to visit the Regaleira Palace (Quinta da Regaleira), which is one of the most famous palaces of Sintra and combines so many different styles and things to see.


Gardens, wells, towers, churches, statues, fontains, mysterious grottoes and the main palace will take your breath away.

We should say that the architect Luigi Manini created a magical world for the first owner of the Palace, Antonio Augusto.



Crossing through the main entrance, makes you feel that you are entering into a portal of a fantastic world of dungeons and dragons, Kings and Queens and all sort of Royalties. For sure, if you let your imagination travel you will have a blast!

Deep caves will lead you into underground passages, that cross dark alleys with small water ponds that during spring time little waterfalls are created.



Myths say that these deep underground alleys were used for religious rituals.

Choosing to have a tour guide with you, might be a nice choice.

Otherwise, maps of the Regaleira Palace are provided to everyone at the entrance and you can find easily your way through the several grottoes.



For sure, it was an amazing experience that will stay forever in our minds!







Other Palaces and Castles that you could visit are: Sintra’s National Palace, Queluz National Palace,  Moorish Castle, Monserrate Palace and Gardens etc.


After visiting all these places, you can finish your day by walking around city’s center. You can find some touristic souvenirs for you and your friends, or you can choose to eat to a nice place.

We chose to eat at an Indian restaurant actually, which was a great choice!

Here is its location:




Before leaving the area, we had one last wish. To see the Atlantic Ocean once again, like we did last time, when we had our road trip to the South and West part of Portugal.

So this time, we reached the westest point of Europe, Cabo da Roca and then we enjoyed the sunset at Praia das Maçãs.



Till next time…

Take care dizzy birds!


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