Hello and welcome to this brand new workspace made for all the travel maniacs in this world!! In our cozy travel blog, you are about to discover a different experience in traveling and learning different areas/spots in some of the most beautiful cities of the planet.

In a few words, I would like to present who I am and why this travel project has been put into life.

My name is Vasiliki and I’m from Greece! Probably one of the most astonishing and inspiring countries worldwide. Living in such a place is a reason enough to make you wanna visit my home country but not only.

I’m a professional singer/songwriter, so in two words music is my life! You will see many videos uploaded in this blog filmed in different countries and sceneries with my guitar jamming “into the wild”.

Dizzy Bird will introduce to all of you the magical culinary world of every city that we travel, its accommodation for your best relax and the nightlife that is always needed to enjoy all special places. Interviewing and meeting with locals will put our mindset straight into the desired destination. So have a look in our articles to take ideas for your next plan and don’t forget to contact us and send your questions to our special communication form. All will be answered. Also, feel free to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Don’t forget to suggest us which places and cities we can explore and upload our experiences.

Dizzy Bird will travel in a very personal way and communicate with its readers via our website and through our posts.

We are dreamers just like you! So enjoy every second!