Lisbon: An amazing European Capital


Visiting Lisbon was a MUST DO in our list. We’ve had heard that Portugal’s capital is an amazing city, so we were super excited about going there.



We chose the dates of our travel and it was a great idea to spent our Christmas in Lisbon.

IMG_5524The whole experience was something that we will never forget and we will recall it with nostalgia!



For us, Lisbon has a mix between Athens, Madrid, Paris and Milan at the same time.

Big streets, huge buildings, but also old mansions beautifully painted and restored at the city center.

Great Museums, cozy cafes, nice restaurants (obviously not the touristic ones tho),  huge squares and pedestrian zones, are some of  the first things that you notice.






The ecological concience of the people is also something that we should mention. You can find everywhere bicycles, the whole city is super clean and recycling bins are everywhere. We actually saw some recycling bins with some pretty good paintings and graffitis on them.


Christmas’ decoration was the best thing I’ve ever seen!

The whole city was lovely in those Christmas lights, all the streets had festive decoration and the vibe was amazing.

Just magic! Honestly Ι felt like I was a little kid.








If you are one of those who just enjoy wandering around and taking photos of the place, you should go to the old neighbourhoods at the city center, named Alfama, Baixa, Roxio and Bairro Alto.



But there are also so many other neighbourhoods that you can discover by walking or by talking the transport means.


At the city center also you can find the elevator of Santa Justa. On its top you will enjoy a 360ᵒ view of Lisbon.


For the castle lovers, Lisbon’s Castle de S. Jorge is the best choice. I have nothing to say, just go there!


Somewhere else that you should go is Belém.




Belém is a historic region next to the sea that you can find there some amazing monuments, such as Jerónimos Monastery, Belém Tower, Monument to the Descoveries, National Palace of Ajuda etc.





*Try to avoid eating at the touristic restaurants. Most of the times the food is too expensive for no reason and its quality and taste are not good. (ask the locals to suggest you where to eat)


My suggestion -> Nood   /   Location : Largo Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro 20, 1200-094 Lisboa


*Don’t try to find food after midnight!!! Exept from Kebab stores, almost everything else is closed.


*Take a walk near to where Lisbon’s bridges are. It’s really refreshing!



*For a night out I suggest you to go to Bairro Alto, Alfama or Chiado. You can find cozy bars with live music.

*If you like going to the Zoo, the one in Lisbon is a nice option!

Go there


What is really beautiful is that in this Zoo there is a cemetery for dead animals and local people’s pets. That was something that really touched our hearts…


*Near to Lisbon you can visit Sintra or Setúbal as we did




Till next time…

Take care crazy travelers!

See you soon,

Dizzy Bird Travels


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