A rainy day at Buçaco Palace


A rainy day didn’t stop us from discovering Portugal’s beauties. Also, having ”crazy” friends lead you all the time into taking decisions such as these.

So, it wasn’t just a rainy day. It was a day announced from Portugal’s news with red alert, because of the wind levels. Yeah…! We suggest you, not to do the same!


We really had an amazing time to be honest! We took the road around 12:00 and we reached a place named Cruz Alta, which is a cliff, with a cruz on its top and an extraordinary view. The storm that was going on that day was named Ana. Althought it did not allow us to enjoy the view.

But the feeling of standing in the highest spot of the area, between the clouds (because of the weather), was unique.

Then, we visited the famous Buçaco Palace, the old luxury hotel that reminds us of a fairytale castle.


It is for sure a landmark of the municipality of Mealhada. Not far from Coimbra city, Buçaco Palace dominates the area with its existence.

The palace was built between 1888 and 1907 in a Romantic and Neo – Manueline style.

IMG_5214Having really enjoyed this visit at the Palace, we decided to visit once again this place for mushroom hunting this time.


The Palace is located in the Natural Forest of Buçaco, so as you can understand it is the perfect spot for the mushroom lovers.

WARNING: If you are not a mushroom expert or you don’t have any friends that are, do NOT go for mushroom hunting.

Many people have died in Portugal from food poisoning because of  the mushrooms.

So please, take into account this and don’t take any risks with your health.


Till next time, take care and have fun.

Oh, and since this is the first post of the year, please, send us your feedback!

~Dizzy Bird

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