Montemor o Velho: A legendary Portuguese castle

We spent some of our best days in Portugal and after so many months, we still can’t stop thinking about all those things we saw and experienced there. Being in love with travelling and discovering new things about other cultures, is what kept us stoked in exploring deeply each place we were about to visit. … More Montemor o Velho: A legendary Portuguese castle

Figueira da Foz

Figueira in portuguese is the fig tree. So as you can understand, this place has this name for a reason. But this is not the ”landmark” of the area, the most famous attraction is the sea. The big waves, the dark blue water, the endless sandy coastlines will help you forget all of your worries … More Figueira da Foz


The other day Dizzy Bird decided to set its destination to the North of Portugal and to be more specific, we visited the second largest city of the country, Porto!! Everyone asks “what’s better? Porto or Lisbon?”. The funny thing is that most of the Portuguese prefer Porto than Lisbon. As curious travelers we had … More PORTO IN 3 DAYS

Day trip to Aveiro

  Why you must visit Aveiro? Aveiro is a really unique portuguese city. Let’s find out why. Aveiro is located between Porto and Coimbra. It has a strategic position that gives it commercial power. It is built on the shore of a lagoon (Ria de Aveiro), that contains both sweet and salt water. It is … More Day trip to Aveiro