48 hours in Toulouse


We only spent 48 hours in Toulouse and we fell in love with the city! You should better let yourself free and enjoy every single moment. You will have some amazing time for sure.


Some tips:

  • All important sightseeings are located almost close to each other, so you don’t need to use the transportation means. But if you don’t want to walk a lot, Toulouse has a metro, train, tram and bus system too.
  • The whole city’s vibe is really eco-friendly. You will see a lot of bicycles at the streets and through Velib, the ride and leave bicycle program, you can rent one and enjoy a ride next to the River Garonne and its canals.
  • Visit the Capitole at the central square.
  • The Saint Sernim Basilica, is probably the most famous and oldest church in Toulouse, it’s worth a visit.
  • There are several museums that you can visit: Musée de Vieux Toulouse, Musée Saint Raymond and Musée des Agustins which is an art museum and it’s the oldest museum of France behind the Louvre.
  • Try the local specialties such as foie gras and the Toulousain dish Cassoulet (french stew with meat, sausauges and beans) or any dish with the Toulousain sausage!
  • If you’re not a fan of the local cuisine, you can have some homemade pizza at Pizza Pizza haha!
  • Toulouse is also known as one of France’s Pink Cities because of the distinctive reddish color of the bricks on the buildings.




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