Road trip to the South of Portugal


And somehow the decision was made, ”we’re gonna visit Faro district”! So we packed our bags again and went to Faro, the southernmost city of Portugal.


Obviously, Faro is not the most beautiful city of the county, even the Portuguese people agree on that.

But, even thought the city center doesn’t have much to see, what is waiting for you on the nearest coasts, is amazing.


Well, let’s not be unfair with Faro. You can have some great time walking around the streets of the old city center and taste some great food (tip: we tried some mexican food there).



After having seen the top attractions of Faro, we decided to visit the best southwest beaches of the area, across the famous Costa Vincentina.

What we saw, left us speechless.


Endless coastlines, amazing waves, wild beauty, the Atlantic Ocean is waiting for you to feel its power. It’s the surfer’s paradise! Almost all the beaches located on the south and west parts of Portugal, are full of surfers from so many different countries, that spend their days there enjoying and the camping.



Lagos and Sagres for sure worth your visit.

After spending some time at Sagres Fortress, we set as our new destination a beach named Arrifana.




When we reached Arrifana beach, it was right before the sunset and the scenery was in its best colors.


Somehow, our day ended like that!



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