Day trip to Aveiro



Why you must visit Aveiro?

Aveiro is a really unique portuguese city. Let’s find out why.


  • Aveiro is located between Porto and Coimbra. It has a strategic position that gives it commercial power.
  • It is built on the shore of a lagoon (Ria de Aveiro), that contains both sweet and salt water.


  • It is an anti stress city, full of green parks.
  • The whole cityscape is crisscrossed by canals that you can navigate on painted gondola-style boats known as moliceiros.


  • Aveiro is also the portuguese capital of Art Nouveau. You can take a walk in the small streets at the city center and you will see the charming pastel colored houses, inspired by Art Nouveau style of art.
  • One of the biggest attractions is the Mosteiro de Jesus, a monastery with a royal connection and replete with religious art in its museum.
  • The Atlantic is also on your doorstep, just a few minutes away, so do not loose the chance to discover the adorable little resort of Costa Nova and relax in front of a majestic sunrise while sitting on the sandy beaches next to the ocean.


Things to do

  1. Take a Moliceiro tour


”Moliceiro” is the name of the traditional Aveiro’s boat as I said before. Moliceiros boats are similar to gondolas, they are painted in bright colours and they have their own story to tell. They originally used to harvest seaweed and salt. Now, they are only touristic boats.


Taking a Moliceiro tour is the best choice. You will spend around an hour in the boat learning about the history of the city and enjoying the amazing view.

2. Visit Aveiro’s Cathedral (Sé)

Aveiro Cathedral, also known as São Domingos Church, is located in an old Dominican convent. This Cathedral stands out because of its superb façade, where you can see images of the Human Virtues and the impressive bell tower. Inside, you’ll see the limestone white everywhere, the various chapels are decorated with carving sets, stone and glazed tiles from different times.

     3. Take a long walk



Take a walk, discover city’s beautiful corners and its lovely buildings. If you are a fan of Art Nouveau, you should definetely visit the Art Nouveau Museem next to the Ria de Aveiro.  (Location: Rua Dr. Barbosa Magalhães)


4. Take a bike for free

Cycling has been highly promoted in Aveiro. Actually you can hire a bike for free to explore the city. These bikes are called BUGA (Bicicleta de Utilização Gratuíta de Aveiro) and it is indeed free for everyone to use them, including tourists. There are many great cycle paths around the city and it is possible to cycle out to the lagoons.


5. Go to Costa Nova Beach


Costa Nova beach, also known as Costa Nova do Prado, is located in the west coast, 11 km from Aveiro historic centre. Even thought Costa Nova is a beautiful sandy beach, its main attraction are Costa Nova’s beautiful houses painted with vertical and horizontal stripes. These houses belong to local fishermen and they are made from wood.

6. Try some typical deserts. ”Ovos Moles” of Aveiro

To visit Aveiro without tasting ovos moles is a sin. This is a typical pastry in the area and comes from the ancient feminine convents in Aveiro.



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